So, i'm just a guy who has random and quite varied interests. Mainly i write things, like poems and a story i'm trying to make. There's some dabbling in drawing that i do, but they're not really that good haha. There is a game i'm currently working on which is simplistic, but decent. And the last thing is cosplay which i just started doing recently. Well, enjoy whatever there is to enjoy on here!

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When life gives you lemons . . . (A Quick Guide to Classes)

Mage: Eats, grows, and sells the lemons by utilizing what is known of them, learning more about them in the process

Seer: Studies the lemons and writes a book about them for the reference of others

Witch: Uses the lemons to make lemonade, crepes, pies, cake, sherbert, etc.

Heir: Becomes a spokesperson for the lemon gods

Maid: Grows a forest of lemon trees

Sylph: Uses the lemons as natural remedies and tends to already existing lemon trees

Prince: Makes a bomb out of the lemons that destroys the city and the lemon gods

Bard: Causes a lemon-throwing war

Thief: Hoards all the lemons and uses them to track down more lemons

Rogue: Gives the lemons to starving children

Knight: Uses the lemons for every conceivable occasion in which they would be used

Page: Initially thinks the lemons are useless, but soon finds a need for lemonade. The lemonade is crappy, but the page gets better and begins to use the lemons to make other things, sharing them with others. The city is inspired to do great things with lemons, too, and within time the page has united the city under the banner of lemons

Lord: Becomes a lemon and comes to obtain absolute control and domination of all the other lemons

Muse: Becomes a lemon and is such a good lemon that others are inspired to do amazing things with them




oooooh my goooood i’m hiking in fucking utah and i came across sollux carved into the goddamn 200 million y/o sandstone


okay before y’all judge, I’m actually from the area and it’s totally acceptable for people to carve shit on that particular area (there’s silly carvings on other rocks up there and you’re actually encouraged to leave your mark up there to show that you managed to climb up that high) so like please don’t think I’m desecrating nature or anything because I’m definitely not THAT disrespectful.

i’m laughing so hard right now, i never thought my art would reach 1k+ notes

god bless ur soul i was losing my shit the entire hike oh my go d

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so you know how equius drinks milk all the time

and how milk isnt good for your throat and it gives you mucus and makes it hard to sing/talk loud

since equius drinks a lot of milk

i now present to you the headcanon

that equius zahhak

always speaks

as if he is

a little hoarse


this is the best fucking post in the entire fandom and it only has 83 notes wow really guys