So, i'm just a guy who has random and quite varied interests. Mainly i write things, like poems and a story i'm trying to make. There's some dabbling in drawing that i do, but they're not really that good haha. There is a game i'm currently working on which is simplistic, but decent. And the last thing is cosplay which i just started doing recently. Well, enjoy whatever there is to enjoy on here!

If You follow me and want me to follow You, just ask me, and i most likely will as long as we have the same interests.
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The leftmost Karkat in all the pictures with Karkats is me! And then the second Terezi all the way in the back with the dragon cape is my marvelous matesprit.


Saturday Homestuck meetup!

The Karkat kneeling is me, and then the Terezi kneeling and who’s sadly blocking her face is my gorgeous girlfrond.


Had so much fun today! My first con was officially awesome! Thanks to everyone I met for being so nice to me!
I don’t know the tumblrs of the people in these, so I hope you guys will be able to find this picture…

The shoosh-papping Karkat all the way to the left is me haha!


NYCCstuck photos part 1 ! Hit me up if you see yourself!

The leftmost Karkat with the sickle is me, and the second Terezi with her head barely sticking out is my cute girlfriend.


A couple of the pictures i took at the HS photoshoot, everyone was so cool :D Message me if you see yourself (sorry about my horrible camera)

last picture-

Dirk in the bottom left- 

Dave in the center (w/ the skinny tie)-



Green JadeSprite-


Lolita Jadeprite-


Trickster!Jane (left)-

Fem!Jake (first row)-


Karkat(all the way to the left)- 


Kankri (Right)-

Blood Swapped Karkat-


Mituna (bottom row)-


Tavros (right side)-

And one more time, the Karkat that’s kneeling with the sickle is me :D!


As requested by Horrorforce! The Davekat photoshoot!

I know that I’m the Ravestuck!Karkat on the left, but please feel free to reblog and credit yourselves!

Haha i was the kneeling Karkat, and sadly they weren’t in the photo, but i was fighting off another Dave to the left.