So, i'm just a guy who has random and quite varied interests. Mainly i write things, like poems and a story i'm trying to make. There's some dabbling in drawing that i do, but they're not really that good haha. There is a game i'm currently working on which is simplistic, but decent. And the last thing is cosplay which i just started doing recently. Well, enjoy whatever there is to enjoy on here!

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Legend of Zelda cosplays - AnimeNEXT 2014

Haha so many people were taking pictures in the LoZ group shot that we didn’t know where to look. The leftmost Zelda in that shot is my very skilled and lovely girlfriend ColeyCannoli, and the Link right next to her is me!


Here are some of the AnimeNEXT photos. I am on the first one with my boyfriend :) I’m making a video so look out for that soon!

Whooooo super smash bros. group haha. The Link there is me, the Zelda is my cute girlfriend ColeyCannoli, the Peach is her sister FlyingGoldenMustaches, and the villager is her brother.


Latula Pyrope

One of my cosplays I wore to AnimeNEXT this year, I’m definitely going to wear her again but this time for the 4:13 shoot on Saturday. I need to see more dancestors. :P 

Mituna is slawthe, my wonderful boyfriend. c:

Sorry for my faceee. 

Hi, yes, i’m the dork with the Rad Latula.


Last part of the pictures I took this weekend at AnimeNext. If you see yourself in this, send me a message so I can tag you (or take the picture down if you want)… Also, if you want to message and talk and be friends

The Link is me, and the Zelda’s my awesome girlfriend ColeyCannoli!


AnimeNEXT Friday part 2: is your face here? Mine is! But you know that cusackclone and I were the Kaidanovskys. Who are the rest of you adorable humans? Let me know!

Fem!Iron Man - withlovecommaellie

Sailor Mercury - rainbow-rex

The Link there is me, and the Zelda is my absolutely magnificent girlfriend ColeyCannoli! The Peach there that wasn’t posing but still looks cool is her sister FlyingGoldenMustaches.


some non-photoshoot homestucks i got pictures of!

(if you see yourself, let me know if you want to be linked or if you want the picture taken down or whatever!)

picture 2:


picture 4:


picture 8:


picture 9:


Male!Roxy (holding fanfiction)




picture 10:

God Tier Roxy

Crocker Jane

God Tier Jake

God Tier Dirk

The Mituna sitting next to that rad Latula (my matesprit ColeyCannoli) is meeeee!


all right!  it’s the sunday photoshoot!

1. group shot

2-4. beta kids!


5-6. alpha kids!


7-9. alternian trolls

Human!Godtier Karkat


Nepeta (in the middle of 3 nepetas, wearing a badge)


10. beforan trolls



(let me know if you see yourself and want to be linked here!)

The Mituna is me, and the Latula right beside me is my always beautiful matesprit ColeyCannoli!


AnimeNext Photo Dump Day 1 Part 5


Message me if you want me to tag you in any photos of you!

50sstuck Dave



The Link there is meeee, and the lovely Zelda there is my matesprit ColeyCannoli! And the Peach furthest to the right is her sister FlyingGoldenMustaches!